Avola Dance Academy

Timetable September 2020

5.30-6.30pm    Primary Ballet, Tap and Freestyle


4.30-5.15pm     Rosette Ballet, Tap and Freestyle 

5.15 - 6.00pm  Preparatory Ballet, Tap and Freestyle

6.00-6.30pm      Grade Two Ballet

6.30-7.00pm     Teenage Street (12+)

7.00-7.30pm     Grade Three Tap

7.30- 8.00pm      Grade Three Ballet


Beginner, Rosette, Preparatory and Primary Classes - £6.50

Friday 30min Class - £5.50

Friday Hour Class - £7

Friday 90min Class- £8.50

Fees above are the weekly fee prices.
Fees are paid on a half termly basis.

New starters get a 2 week pay weekly trial.

Please see the "Contact us" page to book a class, we may have a waiting list due to social distancing!