Ballet is considered the core foundation of all dance styles. At ADA we follow the IDTA Ballet syllabus.

Our infant classes start with Rosette exams, learning the basic foundations to Ballet. ADA has classes for Rosette, Preparatory, Primary, Grade One, Grade Two and Grade Three students.

Ballet classes at ADA also involve free expressive movement where a sense of performance and creativity is encouraged.

Our Grade Two and Three classes also have the opportunity to experience Contemporary Dance within their Ballet classes, Contemporary seems to be a favourite with our students.

Ballet forms a main part of Shows, recent performances have included: Harry Potter, Mulan, Enchanted, Dirty Dancing and The Hobbit.


Tap is another of the core subjects, at ADA we follow the IDTA Tap syllabus.

Tap is extremely popular, the younger classes love putting on their "Clunky Shoes", and making lots of noise with their feet.

Tap is an exciting part of Shows at ADA with recent performances including: Seven Dwarfs, Matilda and Footloose.


Freestyle is the trendiest and most popular form of dance in the UK today.  It involves runs, spins, kicks and leaps as well as many other diverse steps and movements with lots of different arm and hand actions.  Freestyle allows dancers of all ages to use freedom of expression to enhance their style. 

Classes at ADA focus mainly on the commercial street aspect of freestyle dance.

Exams follow the IDTA syllabus and can be taken as Solo exams as well as teams.

Recent performances include: Jai Ho, Mamma Mia, Toy Story and Thriller


Melody Movement 

Our pre-school classes follow the Melody Movement syllabus. 

Melody Movement Early Learning introduces children to dance and movement unsing the natural actions of the body such as running, walking, jumping, hopping, skipping and galloping.  It is a structured syllabus to aid children's physical development, co-ordination, spatial awareness, creativity and self expression.

 Melody Bear is introduced to and dances along with the children.  All children are encouraged to bring their own soft toy to each class.  Each class is based on children's stories and adventures, there will be opportunities to not only dance, but dress-up, sing and play musical instruments.

Each term is based on 6 weeks, where each child will receive sticker and work cards.  There will be stickers to collect each week, and when two cards are completed (i.e. 12 weeks) a medal will be presented.  All folders, stickers, collection cards and medals are included in your terms fees - no extra cost will be involved unless you require replacements.

Our pre-school students are included in all ADA Shows.