Show News

Shows take place bi-annually with our next show planned for Summer 2019.


SHOW DATE                          Sunday 11th June 2017

                                                 Deaton Theatre - Forest School

REHEARSAL DATE             Saturday 10th June 2017                  10am

                                                Deaton Theatre - Forest School

MAY REHEARSAL              Thursday 1st June                               10am

                                                Shern Hall Methodist Church

2017 is Show Year!

Keep a watch for Show news!


MONDAY 4.15                   Ballet Shoes                                                FRIDAY                    Ballet Shoes

                                              Tap Shoes                                                                                      Tap Shoes

                                               Ballet Socks                                                                                 Black vest top

                                              Party Dress                                                                                   Black Leggings

                                              Black Leggings                                                                           Lilac Leotard

MONDAY 5.15                   Ballet Shoes                                               BOYS                       Ballet Shoes

                                             Tap Shoes                                                                                    Tap Shoes

                                             Ballet Socks                                                                                Black trousers

                                             Black Leggings                                                                          Black T Shirt

                                             Black or White outfit                                                               White Shirt

TUESDAY                            Ballet Shoes                                           TEENS                       Ballet Shoes

                                              Tap Shoes                                                                                   Tap Shoes

                                              Ballet socks                                                                                Black vest top

                                             Denim Shorts                                                                              Black leggings

                                             Spice Girl Outfit                                                                          Lilac leotard

                                                                                                                                                    Black and White stripe outfit